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Lewis Bakery Ships Out 50,000 Additional Loaves of Bread

Winter storms have people running to the grocery store for milk and bread. Lewis Bakery in Evansville baked and shipped out more than 50,000 extra loaves of bread to accommodate.
Bread, it's the food of life, and it's simple. It's also a necessity when winter storms are on the horizon. "We've had a lot of stores call in at 5:30 this morning wanting bread because they had already sold out," said Harry Lincoln at Lewis Bakery.

Lewis Bakery delivers bread to stores across the Tri-State and they have a nickname for bread this time of year. "We call it snow bread. So it's a joke we have around here," said Lincoln. They have a special name for it because bread is in such high demand when it snows. "We've already sent out an extra 50,750 loaves for today," said Lincoln. So what is it about bread that makes it a winter staple? "It's just easy for somebody to prepare food for their family," said Lincoln.

People buy bread before a storm because it's simple, it's reliable. Kerry Dame with the Henderson County Roads Department prepares for winter weather with another essential for life, salt. "Our salt supply is good, our sand supply right now we're getting some sand in for that." Dame said last year the department used 250 tons of salt and they are more than prepared to use that much again. "We're ready, all we have to do is come in, and mount our plows, and our spreader, and load our trucks, and be out on the road." Salt and bread, two essentials for life, and two essentials for life in the winter.
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