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Madisonville Residents Shop for Salvation Army Food Bank

A food drive for the Salvation Army of Madisonville's food bank, which closed nearly two weeks ago, kicked off Monday.
Hundreds of shoppers in Hopkins County aren't only stocking up for Thanksgiving, they're helping stock the Salvation Army of Madisonville. Their food bank closed nearly two weeks ago because of low supplies.

Shopping carts go in grocery stores empty, they come out full. But a full kitchen isn't the only thing shoppers are worried about this Thanksgiving. They're worried about an empty food bank.

"I want others to have something to eat at Thanksgiving, for sure," says Gail Nance of Madisonville.

They're donating food to the Salvation Army of Madisonville food bank, which closed nearly two weeks ago out of fears they didn't have enough food for the nearly two hundred families they help in Hopkins and Muhlenberg Counties.

"The Salvation Army in this area's done a real good job, and that's one of the things I want to do is give back to somebody who needs it more than I do," says Mark Rutledge of Madisonville.

"You have to serve anyway you can," says Dicie Collins. Her family knows all about serving.

"My granddaughter has rang the bell for the Salvation Army, my brother-in-law has done that, and I just wanted to do it someway," she says.

She's encouraging others to give so they don't run empty while serving the community.

"It just warms your heart. I wish I can do more myself. It's awesome to see people giving their time, food, money to the Salvation Army," says Collins.

Organizers say this food drive's already doing better than expected. They say they've already gotten double the amount they expected to get this morning.
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