Mattingly Family Grave Repaired

The family plot of a Vietnam Veteran --unkept for nearly nine months is now repaired.
Evansville, Ind.- The family grave of a Tristate Veteran is now repaired. Sharon Mattingly turned to Eyewitness News for help and in a matter of hours officals with Park Lawn Cemetery answered the call.

As of Monday, Richard Mattingly's final resting place had no headstone. His plot was beside a three foot gaping hole covered by two wooden planks and an orange cone on top. The Mattingly's buried Richard, a Vietnam War Veteran back in February. Since then his sister Sharon says the place where her father and two siblings are buried, had not been cared for-until today. 

Sharon gasps, "look at it it's all filled up and it has grass! Oh this is a blessing!"

What a difference a day makes Sharon Mattingly is seeing her families' plot for the first time,since repairs were made. What was a three foot hole is now filled and an orange cone is no where to be found. Sharon says she asked for help but nothing was done until now.

"Thank you so much!", says Sharon as she Hugs new Park Lawn Manager Steve Schwinghamer.

"You got more done in 12 hours, than anybody in 4 months!", she added.
Schwinghamer says previous management dropped the ball  and he's making it up to the family.  Park Lawn workers resodded and closed the gravesite last night.

He says, "My job is to make sure everything gets taken care of".

Once an unsightly view has now become a dignified place of rest for her veteran brother, Richard Mattingly.

"My brother is laid in peace and my veteran has been honored!", she added. 

After several months of grief she's happy that her requests were finally honored. Sharon is grateful to new Park Lawn management.

"Thank you so very much! I'm so glad I met you!".
The Park Lawn manager of one month has put a rush order on the monument for Richard Mattingly and plans to refund the family the expense for the headstone.

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Report by Fadia Patterson

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