Mattingly Way at a Standstill

The proposed change of a portion of North Main Street to 'Don Mattingly Way' is tabled by Evansville City Council.
    Don Mattingly Way, it has a nice ring to it. So nice, in fact, members of the Evansville community want to change a relatively short stretch of pavement to that moniker.  Monday they took their plea to city council.
    Sixteen hundred North Main Street, most people know this stretch as the entry to Garvin Park or the way to an Otters baseball game. 
    Now Doyle Wilson wants to change that name to honor one of the great ballplayers in the River City's history.
    "All I want is to put two or three signs up," says Wilson. "We want to change the name of the road to Don Mattingly Way."
    He teamed up with Paul Gries, Vice President of the Tri-State Hot Stove League.
    "We'll raise two or three thousand dollars," says Gries on who will pay for the proposed signage. "Whatever it takes we'll make it happen."
    There are no residential properties and only one business on this stretch, which runs about four tenths of a mile.  It just happens to be a baseball club.
    "Evansville has a rich baseball history," says Otters' Director of Communications Mike Radomski. "It would be a great honor to have the road leading to Evansville's historic ball parks be named after Don Mattingly."
    But, as with many things, government approval is needed.  And the wheels of government can, at times, turn slowly.
    "It's within a park, for one. It's actually not even a street," said Councilman Conor O'Daniel at Monday's city council meeting. "We have the city engineer to determine whether or not it needs to be a one or two-lane street, whether or not parking is going to be there."
    Wilson left with a tabling, his impassioned plea flatly turned down.
    Now, Wilson only hopes red tape won't stop what he thinks is a slam dunk.
    The next city council meeting will be held Monday, August 26th.
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