McLean Co. Church Teams Up with New Scouting Group

A church plans to replace the Boy Scouts of America with a group started earlier this year.
Earlier this year, a McLean County church banned the Boy Scouts from using its facility. It followed the scout's decision to stop denying membership based on sexual orientation. But a new group will take the scouts' place starting next year.

They say breaking up is hard to do. It was hard for Sabrina Sonner.

"Disbelief. Shock. Sadness," she says.

Her son has been in boy scouts for more than four years, moving up the ranks. Now, they're both moving on.

"It's everyone own choice to make their own choice," Sonner says. "We felt like we made the right decision."

Their church, Buck Creek Baptist, will team up with a new group, Trail Life USA.  Trail Life describes itself as a "Christian adventure, character, and leadership program". The site also says it grants membership to "youth who don't engage in or promote sexual immorality of any kind".

"We have firm biblical convictions that we can't waiver on," says Buck Creek Pastor Thomas Webb.

He says the church's decision to end a more than fifteen year partnership with the Boy Scouts wasn't easy.

"I've seen a couple of our deacons that, when they spoke to the deacon body about it, they broke down in tears," Webb recalls.

Some like Sonner hope this new partnership eases the transition some scouts face.

"I feel like they are more together with the original Boy Scouts," says Sonner. "The oaths, the beliefs, the criteria originally set."

As for the Boy Scouts, a separate troop is being set up at another McLean County church

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