'Meet Your Legislators' Gets Heated Over Same-Sex Ban Bill

House Joint Resolution-3 formerly known as HJR-6 is a bill proposing to change Indiana's Constitution to define marriage as only between one man and one woman, and it's going up for discussion in the House Judiciary Committee in the Indiana General Assembly on Monday.
The argument over same sex marriage rages on in the Hoosier state, this time at a full town hall meeting in Evansville. The debate got personal. "What right do you even have to take away people's civil and constitutional rights via a public referendum," said Steve Smith voicing his opinion against HJR-3.
At times it got religious. "If we don't have marriage between a man and a woman we can't procreate with one of our own, or have any children. So our nation will be destroyed if we do not stand up for marriage between a man and a woman," said Jim Breaker.
Phil Hoy is a former state representative and current ordained minister who opposes HJR-3. "I think this is also an issue of separation of church and state."
With a packed house and a hot button issue, exchanges between legislators and constituents got testy at times. "the majority of states same sex marriage is not legal and that's the facts," said State Representative (R) Thomas Washburne. "State's constitution don't trump the federal constitution," fired back someone from the crowd.
State Senator Jim Tomes was asked what he thinks will happen to society if two people who love each other are allowed to get married. "Everyone in this room has an obligation to take on personal responsibilities, and what it is we do, and how that reflects on not other people of our own, but also on the little kids coming up. What are they going to see? What distinctions will they be allowed to make? What decisions will they have to make? That's what I feel you asked."  "They're going to see that they're equal, is what they're going to see," yelled someone from the crowd.
At times the room was uncomfortable as emotions ran high, but legislators reiterated that although we may disagree with one another on topics, it is our right to express them, and that alone should be recognized.

Both Thomas Washburne and Wendy McNamara serve on the judiciary committee that will be discussing the bill Monday. We will have a crew at the general assembly in Indianapolis and will be giving you updates throughout the day
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