Midwest Fertilizer Corporation Signs On For Posey County Plant

Midwest Fertilizer Corporation Signs On For Posey County Plant

It's a big deal. Hundreds of jobs, two billion dollars of investment, and Midwest Fertilizer seals the deal, officially accepting Posey County's offer to build a fertilizer plant. A lot of differing opinions over this deal.  In one day there are two meetings in Posey County, surrounding the major project.

It was day full of meetings. The topic taking center stage, a major fertilizer plant to come to Posey County. The proposal surfaced around a year ago, but has suffered it's ups and downs after the state and, Governor Mike Pence, pulled their support. The county pushed forward, using disaster bonds to fund the project on their own. Now, the Midwest Fertilizer Corporation signs on the dotted line, turning that proposal into reality. "Midwest Fertilizer is being founded to build this plant. This is our first fertilizer plant in the us," says CEO Mike Chorlton.

The two billion dollar project promises over two-hundred high paying jobs, and a major impact on the area's economy. Midwest's CEO Mike Chorlton says the county is a perfect fit for the project. "There was a big survey done last year. We looked at a number of states in the U.S, and two providence's in Canada," says Chorlton.

The intersection of Mackey Ferry Road and Sauerkraut Lane, will be home to the plant. It's that news that had several people speaking out during the Posey County Zoning Board Meeting. "The safety in these plants aren't as good as they say they are," says Brian Herrmann. He has called the area home for almost twenty years, and he's concerned. "It's a peaceful little area. Now, we've got a chemical plant down there, they want to put another chemical plant on top of a chemical plant." He says he supports the plant, but in another location.  "We need the jobs here, but we do not need it in a location where you've got a bomb on top of a bomb," adds Herrmann. The Zoning Board approved a special use permit so the plants plans to move forward are on the way.

Midwest Fertilizer Cooperation expects to have all permits ready and able to break ground by march of 2014.

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