More Confusion Over Sign Ordinance Notices

Some Evansville business owners are still getting violation notices despite fines being suspended.
Evansville city officials are still reviewing changes to the temporary sign ordinance. The fines have stopped for now, but some store owners are still worried over notices still being issued.

At Home Sweet Home Furniture, customers are always welcome But what Mark Hanney didn't welcome was a violation notice. He says he got another violation notice from the area plan commission.

"It's somewhat harassing," he says.

It said he was still in violation of the temporary sign ordinance with no fine issued.

"That kind of insinuated to me that we weren't law-abiding or a law-abiding business," says Hanney.

Several store owners raised concerns over the ordinance after receiving notices last fall that some of their temporary signs violated city ordinance, but Mayor Lloyd Winnecke suspended all fines until a solution was found. City officials assured him the fines were still suspended, but...

"Upon questioning them, she informed me that a law-abiding business would continue paying for the permit."

Hanney claims it's just adding to the confusion, and concerns over staying on the right side of the law.

"Understanding that things are in a gray area right now, I just didn't see the need to alarm the merchants with continued violation letters when things are still under review."

The sign welcoming customers still stands...for now.

"We still have people drive by, or come in to say, 'It was hard for them to find us. They didn't realize that we were here.' The sidewalk sign does help tremendously," he says.

Hanney says he'll welcome a resolution to the ordinance. Evansville city and area plan officials say the ordinance and proposed changes will be brought up again at the plan commission's meeting next month.

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