More Flu Cases Reported in Western Kentucky

Some hospitals are seeing a major increase in the number of flu cases compared to this time last year.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says 40 states are now reporting widespread flu activity. Here in the Tri-State, the number of flu cases continue to rise. Some hospitals are seeing more cases this year than last year.

More snow, more ice, more wind, and this winter, more flu cases.

"It's an epidemic."

An epidemic that many are seeing and experiencing.

"My wife, myself, and my four kids have all been sick," says Cliff Boswell. "It's been a couple of weeks now, but a lot of our friends and other family members have been coming down with flu like symptoms."

"My employee just got over the flu. He was out of work for three days," says Edward Warriner. "Pretty serious case."

Owensboro Health officials say more than 170 cases have tested positive so far this month, compared to 95 in all of January of last year. But Dr. Khanh Nguyen says there's no single reason.

"It's multifactural, meaning there can be lots of reasons why there's more of an outbreak," Nguyen says. "Whether there is more people that are sick, their immune system are weakened and are more likely get the flu. People that aren't getting vaccinated, that can be a reason too."

We all know the obvious ways to fight off the flu: wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough. But doctors say another easy way to do it is to go outside for some fresh air.

"It's usually in a closed environment that you get the flu," Nguyen adds.

Doctors say being outside or allowing fresh air inside for a short amount of time helps clear your lungs. Keeping healthy habits can also keep the flu away.

"Eating healthy, exercising, all those things will make our immune systems strong.," Nguyen says. "And, let's say you do get the flu, our bodies are more likely to fight off infections."

The more measures you take, the more likely you'll avoid the flu.

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