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Drivers Still Dodging Snow and Ice

A flatbed truck flips off I-164 after the driver says slush made him lose control of the vehicle and slide into a ditch.
There has been no significant snowfall in the Tri-State for a couple of days, but ice and slush are still causing problems for motorists. On I-164 near the the Lynch Road exit a flatbed truck flipped over into a ditch after the driver says slush caused him to lose control of his vehicle. The driver walked away from the crash and officials say they are still working hard to clear the roads, but this snow was especially tough to clear.

"Anytime you get that ice adhering to the roads that's tough," said Director of Transportation Todd Robertson.
Some slush and ice still remains on main roads, but side roads and subdivisions are another story. "Side roads are pretty much rough, but we get where we have to go," said Evansville resident Sonya Flowers. Road crews say their focus now shifts to breaking up the ice on secondary roads, while maintaining the main roads. Evansville road maintenance is taking suggestions from people with icy roads near their homes. "But I can't say I promise you that we can get a piece of equipment down every individual road in the city, because just because a vehicle, or a car will go down through that road doesn't necessarily mean we can get a piece of equipment down that road," said Robertson.

Road crews are asking for patience as it may take a few days to get to every street. Some drivers are willing to wait. "They did a pretty good job. I can say this city pretty much keeps the road clear when the snow comes down," said Flowers. Evansville road maintenance crews used a brine and beet juice solution to pre-treat the roads, something that's relatively new. "From our our perspective it seemed to help some just from what we've been able to tell," said Robertson.
Solutions and salt are one thing, but some say nothing works better than good old fashioned sunshine. "I'm always glad to see the sun anytime we have an every because there's no help like nature in itself," said Robertson.

If you would like to call to report a road that needs to be cleared inside the city of Evansville the number is (812)-436-4988.
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