Mountain Lion Vs. Bobcat: Which Sighting is More Likely?

Despite several recent reports, there has only been one confirmed case of a Mountain Lion in Indiana in the past 150 years.
A viewer sent in a photo of what she claims to be a mountian lion in Posey County.

"That's a bobcat , I mean it's certainly not a mountain lion."

But that is not the only reported sighting of a mountain linon.  Bobcats are common in Vanderburgh County, but in recent days several people have reported seeing a mountain lion.

Kathy Austin is the person who called 9-11 -- and she has a mountain lion story to tell first hand.

"We always have binoculars sitting by the window so i just grabbed them and i couldn't believe what i saw."

Around 5:30 Tuesday night she says she saw a mountain lion.

"This one here he walked with a lot of confidence and he didn't look like he would be afriad of anybody."

Austin says the big cat walked out of the corn field and across the street. but was it really a mountain lion?

"There's a higher possibility that it was a bobcat than a mountain lion for sure."

"This was no bobcat because it had a very long tail and it was a lot larger than a bobcat."

"Could one wander that far? Yeah I guess anything is possible but i've never seen one but event he biggest skeptics would still investigate evidence."

"If somebody get a picture of one i'm certainly willing to keep an open mind about the picture that was sent to me this morning was not a mountain lion."

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources says it is unlikely what people are seeing is a mountain lion.  The DNR receives several calls a month of people claiming to see a mountian lion and usually it turns out to be either a bobcat , a Golden Retriever or a Labrador.
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