Neon, Hi-Tech Gadgets Hot Back-to-School Must-Haves This Season

Staples offers back-to-school incentive program

Chris Black with Staples discussed the top trends for 2013 back-to-school. 

Top trends for 2013 include:

Flashy Favorites

School supplies are lighting up with cool fiber-optic treatments.  The Glo-Lite collection including staplers, rulers and dry-erase boards lights up when pushed. Fiber-optic pencil pouches twinkle in cool designs including shoe, piano and paisley. 


Back to Neon

From the runway to the classroom, neon is the hottest fashion trend of the season.  Bold pink, blue and lime green hues are featured in the quilted collection of zipper binders, pencil pouches, tablet cases and clipboards.  Take notes in style with the vibrant Studio C® Neon Zip-It 1 Subject Notebook and collection of Neon Sharpies. 


Tote Your Tech

Keep tech intact and in style with sleek cases for laptops and tablets.  The Jansport Superbreak Sleeve is a backpack for laptops with its convenient straps and pocket for chord storage.  Combine fashion and function with a wide assortment of tablet sleeves from animal prints to plaids to neon accents.


Locker Sweet Locker

A student’s locker is their most personal space aside from their bedroom.  Make it feel like home with these innovative accessories.  From the Magnetic Motion Sensor Locker Chandelier with seven LED lights, unique glitter rugs, magnetic wallpaper and the exclusive Glo-Lite Magnetic Pencil Bin, students’ private space will stand out in style. 


Let’s Do Lunch

These cool, new takes on lunch allow parents and students to plan for healthy and organized meal planning all year.   The LEGO Lunch Box is the ultimate in an updated classic – providing a sturdy iconic lunch container.  The Fit & Fresh 14 Piece Healthy Lunch Set features perfectly proportioned containers with ice packs that snap into the lids.  Or, get the Cool It! Ice packs to keep the chill inside any lunch bag or box. 


College Tech Segment – Must Haves to Get Students Geared Up for College


The brand new Chromebooks from Samsung, HP and Acer are easy to use for students.  They boot up in seconds and are designed to make it easy and fast to get things done.


The Acer Iconia W3 is a small form Windows 8 tablet that’s great for work and play.


The Acer Value Touch Laptop is very portable at only 11.6”, and at a very affordable price ($399).


New tablets like the HP Slate 7 with Beats, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Note 8.0, and new, lower prices on the Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire


The Dell Inspiron 20 Touch AIO is a computer and monitor bundled into one with touch, making it perfect for the whole family. Essentially, it’s a desktop for productivity, and its touch capabilities provide fun and creativity.


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