New Owensboro Health CEO Visits Owensboro

CEO Philip Patterson will start on Nov. 1, but he's already hitting the ground running.
He won't be officially in charge for another two weeks, but the new CEO of Owensboro Health is taking charge. Philip Patterson is back in the Tri-State learning more about the region and the company.

You see it as a regional hospital, but new CEO Philip Patterson sees more to it.

"It is definitely, only, a foundation with where the organization wants to grow and what they want to be," he says.

Where they want to be, Patterson says, is here and beyond the hospital walls. He'd like to see a stronger network for regional care, and accommodating the growing numbers looking for quality care.

"To do that, you need to create a different type of network, one that's built upon physicians and professionals, as well as service level providing outside the four walls of the hospital," says Patterson. He was the CEO at Bon Secours Charity Health System in New York for four years. He starts at a time of big changes in health care industry, especially with the Affordable Care Act now law. Patterson says more will get care because of it, but more doctors will be needed.

"There are not enough primary care doctors in America in almost every community in America," he adds. "We will struggle to provide the right care at the right access point for those who now have insurance."

As for the future, Patterson sees it going beyond these walls.

"I think Owensboro Health  will shift its focus to create a more different network at this hospital as it reaches farther out into the community."

Patterson takes over for Doctor Jeff Barber, who's retiring this month.
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