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No Shelter From The Storm

No Shelter From The Storm

A storm crashes down on a local animal rescue, and now it's the shelter itself that needs help. The storms on Halloween night, raked across Western Kentucky, and hit the 'Rowdy Rescue' animal shelter in Slaughters.

Her mission is to find dogs a forever home, but tonight, Jennafer Chandler, is picking up the pieces after a storm leaves it's toll on her and her rescue.

"Right now, i'm just kind of in shock still," says Jennafer Chandler. On Halloween night storm winds sent a tree crashing down in Chandler's back yard. "I knew we had some strong winds throughout the day, but nothing that I thought I would come home to see such damage. When I pulled up at my home it was just devastation," Chandler says.

The damage didn't destroy her  home, it destroyed the homes of six of her adopted family members. "We came home from work and noticed that the tree behind us had fallen on our kennels." For now it's the only home these dogs have. For about five years Chandler has helped find around five-hundred dogs a home with her no kill shelter 'Rowdy Rescue.'

This storm caused more than just structural damage. Until the kennels are fixed, Chandler can't take in anymore animals, and it's a first that she never wanted. "I was just sick to my stomach. The whole next day I was just so upset, and just so sick, wondering what we were going to do," says Chandler.

Just as fast as the tree fell, friends and family came to the rescue. Allan Curtis and his wife have helped foster several dogs for the shelter. Now, they're helping the shelter's owner. "Jennifer is a special person that not only loves dogs, but knows how to get things done on the adoption and fostering. There's much more to this than most people would think about," says Curtis.

Limb by limb, Chandler is determined to bring her shelter back. There's a lot of work to do, but she doesn't mind doing it for them, especially when you consider the two dogs, in the two kennels the tree fell on. Those two dogs happened to be at the vet that day. "It was a blessing that none was hurt."

Chandler hopes to install a chain link fence until enough money is raised to build a new facility.


-Donations can be made to Independence Bank under the 'Rowdy Rescue' account.

-You can mail donations to PO BOX 94 Slaughters, KY

- Or go to the 'Rowdy Rescue' Facebook page for more details

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