OPD Debuts New Mobile Command Center

Police say the new center allows them to communicate and coordinate better in emergencies.
One of the most important things first responders need in any emergency is the ability to communicate. Owensboro Police now have a new tool to coordinate responses better and quicker, thanks to a federal grant secured through the Office of Homeland Security.

Owensboro Police had a mobile command center for years, but it was breaking down. Now, they hope their new center can make their responses better.

"This is the pinnacle of everything in communication."

It looks like something you'd go camping in. But this will be camping in places you don't want to be near.

"Fires, hostage situations, medical incidents, flooding."

It's Owensboro Police Department's new mobile command center, a 32-foot Freelander, allowing emergency crews to better communicate and coordinate.

"One of the things this gives us, the 32-footer gives us, is we can have the command element working in the conference room, and we can have multiple dispatchers working inside, so we can run our communications out of here," says Major Brock Peterson of the Owensboro Police Dept.

"If we're in a disaste situation, and you need help, we need to get help to you," says Owensboro Daviess County 911 Director Paul Nave. He says it's like a headquarters on wheels.

"We can communicate with the school system, with FEMA, we communicate with McLean County, with Henderson County, all the surrounding counties," he says. "We can do anything we can in our primary center in our command center."

Peterson say it'll mainly be used in Owensboro, but can be used in other counties if need.
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