Out Of The Cold, Transportation For Every Student In Henderson County

The return of dangerous temperatures have Henderson County Schools finding a way to keep students safe.
The return of dangerous temperatures have Henderson County Schools finding a way to keep students safe.

Transportation officials say they will offer every student a ride to and from school Thursday.

Transportation officials say they service all Henderson County Schools. Though it's not every day they can provide this kind of service, for this instance, they are glad they can.

"The goal is to keep them safe, and get them to school." As conditions dip down to dangerously chilling temperatures once again, Henderson County Schools say they have a plan to keep student's safe. "They're not going to have to find an alternative route all the way to school, nor will they be forced to be out in the cold for an extended period of time while they walk to school. It's just not safe," says Keegan O'Daniel. O'Daniel is the Director of Transportation. He says all students will receive a ride this Thursday. "We're servicing all the students we normally do, on top of those in a non transportable area, who want to utilize our services," says O'Daniel.

The rides will be to school and from school. O'Daniel says extra buses and drivers will be brought in to help. Officials say some routes will have to double up, and each area will differ. "All of the schools don't need the transportation, because not all schools have a non transportable area," says O'Daniel.

The transportation service is mainly for East Heights, South Heights, and Jefferson schools, but officials say every students gets a ride if they really need one. "Our goal is safety. We want to keep all students safe. If the weather could potentially challenge that, we want to make accommodations," says O'Daniel.

O'Daniel says all parents should have a map provided by the school of the routes buses will take. It's something transportation officials wish they could do all the time, but it's not every day a wind chill advisory is waiting at the bus stop.

"It's a desire of our department to be able to provide that to our students all year round, but it's not financially feasible or physically possible for us to do that. Defiantly during these extreme conditions we want to maximize the safety of those kids, and make sure they aren't in harms way due to the weather."


Transportation officials say if you believe a bus has passed by or missed your child, call the department at 270-831-5120.

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