Overturned Truck Halts Lloyd Expressway

Overturned Truck Halts Lloyd Expressway
Traffic is moving again on the Lloyd Expressway after a grain truck overturns spilling corn all over the road. It caused quite the headache getting it all cleaned up. It's one of the busiest roadways in the area, but after the Lloyd Expressway was suddenly buried under a mound of corn, drivers had no choice but to find another road.

Just after four o'clock, the evening commute home became challenging for drivers trying to head west on the Lloyd Expressway. "The driver was trying to make a turn onto the west bound Lloyd."

Evansville District Fire Chief, Greg Main, says the driver of a grain truck was getting on the Lloyd from US 41, but the driver took the corner just a little too fast. "He had a full container full of corn," says Main. The grain truck fell onto it's side spilling thousands of pounds of corn all over the roadway. It was enough to cover all three lanes, and enough to stop traffic. Crews tread in corn up to their ankles. First they used shovels, then leaf blowers, then brought in heavy equipment to try and put a dent in the mess. They worked to scrape out the remainder of corn out of the truck, in about a half hour crews had to truck turned back over.

Officials say the driver is in his early twenty's. He sustained some minor injuries, but refused treatment instead he got right to work helping to clean up. "The driver has been very helpful. He's been helping trying to bring another truck to offload the product so they could take the product away. "

Traffic on the east bound Lloyd Expressway was slowed down quite a bit, but traffic was able to keep moving in those lanes.

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