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Parish Hall Roof Collapses in Waverly

The Parish Hall at Scared Heart Catholic Church has stood for around 30 years, but now the congregation of about 50-60 families will have to find another location for church functions.
The ice and snow are not only causing problems on the roads, but also roofs. Sacred Heart is a small Catholic church in the country.
        "We're like family. It's a small congregation, I think about 50 to 60 families," said Alvin Lyon a member of the congregation.
        "A lot of these families have gone to church here for many, many, years," said Jama Danhauer.  "Families rented it for Christmas parties and birthday parties. My mother in law's 80th birthday party was there, our daughter's rehearsal dinner was here," she added.
        Now they will have to find a new location for church functions.
        "It was quite a shock," said Lyon. "As far as I know it was good construction. We haven't had any problems with it," he added.
        The cause of the roof collapse has not yet been determined, but some think ice and snow has something to do with it.
        "I can't see why because it's not that old of a building," said Lyon.
        Members of the congregation say the parish hall has stood for around 30 years, but now the rafters are poking out the front door, and slanted columns hold up the rest of the precarious frame.
        "I'm glad no one was in there because that could've been really bad for them," said Danhauer.
        The Sacred Heart church next door was not damaged, and nobody was hurt.
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