Phone Scammers Posing as OMU Targeting Owensboro

Police say these calls are coming from outside the Owensboro calling area and not from OMU.
The Owensboro Police Department has received numerous calls this week from concerned citizens who have possibly been targets of a scam.

Police say local businesses are being contacted over the phone by someone claiming to be with Owensboro Municipal Utilities.

The caller is asking for personal and account information, stating that if an OMU bill is not paid over the phone immediately, the power will be shut off.

The Owensboro Police Department contacted OMU to verify whether or not they are making these calls. OMU has stated they keep account information on file and do not request this type of information over the phone.

Police say these calls are coming from outside the Owensboro calling area and not from OMU.

If you receive a call like this, it is suggested that you refrain from providing any information and simply hang up.
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