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Police Investigating HCHS Hazing Allegations

Henderson Police are looking into an alleged hazing incident involving members of the Henderson County HS baseball team.

Henderson Police are investigating an incident regarding alleged hazing among Henderson County High School baseball players.

For the second time in as many years Henderson County school officials are dealing with an alleged hazing incident involving student athletes. In January 2012, some members of the basketball team were allegedly involved. This year, the baseball team is under investigation for an incident that allegedly happened in the team's facility on school property.

"It seems that we had two baseball players hold another player down," says Henderson Police's Jennifer Richmond. "At which time, another player exposed his genitals to the boy."

Officer Richmond tells Eyewitness News the alleged offenders repeated these actions with another student. We're told the incident stopped when other members of the baseball team arrived.

"Let's think about the embarrassment. Just the taunting," Richmond says. "This could follow this young person for the rest of their lives. They could forever be labelled as the person that this happened to."

We spoke with Henderson County School Superitendnet Dr. Thomas Richey. He declined an on-camera comment, saying he cannot speak about an ongoing investigation. He did say, in his words, "The incident far surpasses hazing in my mind and there's no place for it".

Henderson Police say even though physical violence was not involved, the alleged perpetrator could face a laundry list of charges.

"We're looking at indecent exposure, even up to unlawful imprisonment because someone was held against their will," says Richmond.

Dr. Richey also told us the school system has a policy in place regarding incidents like this. Richmond confirmed this is the case.

"They are educating these students through their student handbooks there is information regarding it," she says. "So I think it is being addressed, but human nature sometimes prevails. Some people just don't listen."

Doctor Richey says an expulsion hearing was conducted almost immediately following the report of this incident, but could not disclose the outcome.

We'll continue to follow this story and keep you updated on the proceedings.

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