Police Make Arrests in Evansville Meth Bust

Three arrests made after a SWAT team raids a home in Evansville finding drugs and guns.
Three arrests made after a SWAT team raids a home in Evansville finding drugs and guns. Neighbors say they had noticed suspicious activity before the bust, and so did law enforcement, who had its eye on the home.

Video obtained by Eyewitness News shows the SWAT team on the way to the raid and entering the home at the 2000 Missouri St. The report says the homeowners, Robert Robertson and Lindsay Norman and three others, were inside the house. Officers say they found body armor vests and four handguns with ammunition and a loaded syringe that tested positive for meth.

Neighbors say they smelled fumes several times and had contacted authorities. And EPD's surveillance truck "The Guardian" had parked right outside of the home weeks earlier.

"I warned him to stop doing what he was doing," said neighbor Lamar Gaines, "because they were watching him. But he wouldn't take heed, so that's what happened."

"That's crazy," said neighbor Mary Phillips. "It's like they didn't even care, and they were crying yesterday. The girl was crying yesterday. Why you crying now? You seen the truck out there. You knew it was going to happen."

Norman, Robertson, and Brittney Whitledge were all charged with possession of a controlled substance.
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