Police: Escaped Tri-State Inmate Caught

Officials say fugitive Steven Brown is caught.
UPDATE: Ohio County authorities catch an inmate who escaped from jail last night.

Detention center officials say Steven Brown, 43, was captured around 1:30 PM Wednesday in the Sunnydale Road area. Authorities say he escaped just after 10:00 PM Tuesday while deputies were giving other inmates their medication. This ends a more than 15 hour manhunt that stretched throughout the county.

Law enforcement officials say Steven Brown was more than two-thirds of the way done with his sentence when he escaped. And now, it looks like he'll face several more years in jail.

"That's pretty stupid of him," says Paul Schroeder of Ohio County.

Steven Brown thought he was smart, thought he could flee the Ohio County Detention Center Tuesday night. But he couldn't outwit the cops. Brown was found Wednesday afternoon in a wooded area near Sunnydale Road, more than 15 hours after authorities say he slipped out the exit and into the night.

"I noticed a lot of cops on the highway. Every time I look around I see a cop," Schroeder says. "I know it's pretty serious."

"It kind of shocked us that he did something like this," says Gerry "Rip" Wright, Ohio County jailer. "I don't think he planned it. Just acted on it, for some ungodly reason."

Wright says Brown was incarcerated for felon in possession of a gun and contempt of court since April.

"He's got 134 days in already," he says.

Instead of days, he now faces up to five more years in prison for his escape.

"It's ridiculous because now he's going to be facing additional time where he could've been out in six months," Wright says.

"To do a small amount of time like that, and to get into more trouble, it don't make a lot of sense," adds Schroeder.

Wright says despite this incident, there haven't been a lot of escapes in this jail in a long time.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Ohio County Detention Center is no longer looking for an escaped inmate.

Officials say they caught fugitive Steven Brown this afternoon after he walked away from the jail just after 10 Tuesday night.

Deputies say Brown gained access to an exit while they were distributing medication to cells.
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