Poseyville Boil Advisory Shifts Town's Routine

A water main breaks prompts the entire town of Poseyville to be on a boil advisory.
Poseyville, IN. -Bottles of water are being handed out at schools in Poseyville. Like we've seen several times already this winter; a water main break prompts a boil advisory. It's forced the town to do things differently. An unsightly view for a little girl -- who wants a drink from the water fountain at North Elementary, but she can't.

"What we've done to this point is turned off all the water to the water fountain and taped them off", says Superintendent, Dr. Todd Camp.

An aged pipe burst caused the city to issue a boil advisory.The school's cafeteria is now changing the way meals are prepared. Camp says the water is being boiled and paper products are being used until the advisory is lifted.

 "We're in pretty good shape", he added.
In good shape, despite the quick notice and turn around to prepare lunches for 400 plus students.

"The word is getting out today and especially with all the local restaurants", he says.

At least one restaurant closed its doors today; while others like the Red Wagon  are spending more time getting ready.

"We just gotta be ready and preboil the water, get it all chilled and before the guest get here", says General Manager, Brent Tharpe.

While it's an incovenience the restaurant owners don't feel an impact on business just yet; at least while they still have hungry customers. 

"They may be hungry and want to come out to get some good water and we're ready for them!", he added.

Bruce Baker, the City of Poseyville Councils President tells Eyewitness News, they are waiting for lab results on the water to come back negative for bacteria before they can lift the advisory. The earliest the ban could be removed is by noon this Wednesday.

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