Purdue University Shooting Impacts The Tristate

Several graduates from the area now attend Purdue University. These students share their stories of today's shooting on campus.
The impact of the shooting at Purdue University, hits home to many in the Tristate. Several graduates from the area now attend Purdue University. Students share their stories of today's tragic incident.

Several students say they are extremely proud of how the university and law enforcement handled today's tragedy. Officials say the shooting appears to be an isolated incident. Families are relived their loved ones were not harmed.

Hours away, shots ring out at Purdue University. The impact of those shots are felt in the Tristate because it's Purdue students, like Heather Hollingsworth, a junior at Purdue, who are from our region. "The kids around me all got the same message," says Hollingsworth.

The Castle High School graduate says, she was waiting for a class to start when she got the alert there was a shooting reported in the electrical engineering building. "We decided to go into the classroom that was currently holding class, we turned off all the lights, we all just sat down, and then just waited," says Hollingsworth.

Katie Thompson is from Princeton. Thompson says she had just left her class this afternoon, in a building located next to where the shooting occurred. "I've never felt unsafe here at Purdue, and then something like this occurs. It does kind of make you a little more cautious of your surroundings," says Thompson.

Thompson says one of her friends was in the building when the shots were fired. "It seems like we are all coming together for a situation like this, which is kind of special considering the tragedy that's occurred here," says Thompson.

Back in the Tristate, Susan Plassmeier, waited to hear any word from her two sons, Matt and Brian. Both of her sons are Castle graduates who now attend Purdue. "Oh, my heart was pounding," says Plassmeier.

Plassmeier works for the Purdue Extension Office in Vanderburgh County. Plassmeier says, the phone was ringing from parents worried just like her. "Just that feeling of relief when you find out that they're, ok," says Plassmeier.

Thankful it was not the day her son has class in the electrical engineering building, Plassmeier says she counts her blessings tonight. "One day different, and then he could have been in there."

Classes at Purdue are suspended for Wednesday


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