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Rain Before Snow Means No Pretreatment for Henderson Roads

Henderson County EMA Director Larry Koerber says any brine on the roads would be washed away by rain making it pointless to pretreat roads. Last winter storm ice was the major problem, but Koerber says this time around wind will play a factor.
Saturday traffic moved smoothly in Henderson, but drivers didn't see county trucks treating the roads. "We anticipate some moisture, rain before the snow event begins, and then it could wash off the pretreatment of the brine if that were the case," said Henderson County EMA Director Larry Koerber.

With a looming winter storm that some are projecting to be historic, some drivers are wary to drive considering road conditions from the winter storm in early December. "It was so bad that coming across the bridge, coming down through here it was awful," said Neeve Hohimer of Henderson. "It was really slippery. I didn't drive at all in it. I had my fiance drive me everywhere," said Tammy Powers of Henderson. "They was bad." Norman West is a local truck driver and he says the snow doesn't affect him nearly as much as the wind. "Especially with a big truck the wind catches you and you're liable to go sideways or whatever."
Ice caused problems for drivers during the last storm, but Koerber expects the 30 m.p.h. wind gusts to be the major factor. "It's going to be the wind and the drifting so even if they get the road open very shortly afterward it could be closed again or impassable because of the drifting."
Because pretreatment is not being used, and salt is not an option because of the extremely cold temperatures, plows will be the main tool to clear the roads. "Driving is going to be treacherous and that's why we want everyone to stay off the roads to give the road department, the road crews a chance to do their job by opening them," said Koerber. Advice that many are already taking to heart. "I'm going to stay at home., stay warm," said Powers. "If you don't have to go, don't go. If you do slow down," said West.
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