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Rain has moved out, but water remains on roads

Four miles west of Princeton State Road 64 was closed all day. It is normally a highly traveled road, but today many drivers had to find an alternate route.
The Tri-State is starting to dry out, but some low lying areas are still flooded. The Gibson County Sheriff's Office says several county roads are flooded leading to 13 water rescuses in the past 24 hours. State Road 64 about five miles heading west out of Princeton was closed all day today because a drainage levee gave way to the pressure of floodwaters.
Drivers had plenty of warning the road ahead was closed, but one after another, they three-point turned back the way they came. "I thought surely by now because that rain being so much earlier, surely by now the water has went down. I thought I'd give it a shot and sure enough it's still barricaded so I had to turn around and come back." James Kendall says he was on his way back home to St. Francisville, Illinois, but now he has to find a new route. "I'm going to have to end up driving up through Vincennes and then back around that way so I'm going to be another 40 or 50 miles." Kendall was fortunate to be stopped by a barricade, because not everyone in Gibson County received such a warning.
"We've had 13 what you would call water rescues where people have gotten stranded in the roadway over the last 24 hours," said Gibson County Sheriff George Ballard. A drainage levee broke south of State Road 64 causing water to spill over the roadway.  "Hopefully since the rain has tapered off now and supposed to in the next couple of day that will drain pretty fast," said Sheriff Ballard.

The water was already draining off the road around six earlier this evening, but the barricades stayed put, and some drivers are ok with that. "Water after dark like this you can't see it until you're right up on it so sure if that's what they need to do," said Kendall. It's not only hard to see the water, but very difficult to gauge how deep it is. "Don't take any unnecessary risks. It's a good way you could get hurt, you could lose your vehicle, your life, and something else so don't drive in standing water," said Sheriff Ballard. A simple message, but one that should be remembered when barriacdes aren't there to stop drivers. No word yet on when State Road 64 will be opened again.
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