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Renter's Insurance Could've Helped McLean County Fire Victims

If you drive a car it's mandatory to have insurance, most people that own a house have homeowner's insurance, but according to ABC News only one in three renters have renter's insurance.
Fire inspectors will be at a McLean County apartment building tomorrow trying to determine how a fire started there Saturday. Several families still homeless from that fire where 12 units were destroyed.
For the last four nights a Super Eight Motel has been Daniel Hunt's home. But his real home is charred and ashy after a fire ripped through it Saturday morning. "I've received a lot of help. Where i'm going who knows? In a month from now, or two, who knows," said Hunt. The Red Cross paid for him to stay for three nights, and an unknown donor paid for another night, but that time has expired, and today he was  moved to a nearby homeless shelter. "Yeah just for a little while I hope, and after that who knows," said Hunt.
A scary scenario to have an uncertain future. Red Cross representative Todd Edgell says homeless shelters are not always a reliable option. "Homeless shelters are full all the time and you run into a problem with trying to find places to put these people. "Edgell recommends renter's insurance so more people aren't displaced after a disaster. "I would advise if you rent to get renter's insurance. It's not that much a month and it will help you in the long run."
The Super Eight Motel has also been home to Phyllis Masters for the last three weeks after a fire displaced her from her home. "Just the water and soot damage just ruined the whole house," said Masters. She's staying in the same Super Eight Motel, but she has a very different story because of renter's insurance. "I'd probably be destitute really. I don't know what I would've done." Masters says even though much of her belongings are damaged, insurance paid for her things to be cleaned, and her home to be repaired. "When I move back into it, it should be like a new house."
Masters says she should be able to move back into her home in about a week.
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