Restaurants Prepare for Chemicals in Water

Although the Evansville Water Department deemed water from the Ohio River safe, some local restaurants prepare for the worst.
"I'm very happy we don't have to worry about it, haha, I'm going whooo, haha." Kristi Manna co-owns Manna Grill. She says she has been closely monitoring the chemical spill passing through the Ohio River. "If it would've come down to a point where it was high enough levels we would've contacted our health department rep and he would've given us further instructions." Manna says if the water were to be tainted by the chemical the chore of removing the chemical would be time consuming, flushing all of the soda fountain lines, water lines, tea and coffee machines, ice machines emptied and sterilized. Which could've caused a major headache for a small restaurant. "It's costly for small businesses like us. It can be an incredible cost."
Manna says she bought extra bottled water in case a customer was hesitant to drink from the tap, like Mary Pugh. "Well I've definitely not been getting water from restaurants. Usually at UE I always get a cup of water from the coffee shop so I just bought a bottled water." Pugh says she is a University of Evansville graduate and is back in town visiting. She says her friends alerted her to the water situation. "I just went straight to the sink and started pouring a glass of water, and they were like, oh, you should probably just have some more bottled water. And I'm kind of a water snob so I don't want to be putting any water in me that might have chemicals in it."
Manna says her restaurant was ready if chemicals reached a dangerous level. "We keep a bottle of water here at all times just in case something like that would happen. Where we have to turn everything off unexpectedly in an emergency situation." An emergency situation was avoided, but prepared for nonetheless.
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