Rival Gang Shooting Leaves One Man Critically Injured

A shootout in the parking lot of hammerheads leaves one man with life threatening injuries.
Torrance Mimms
Torrance Mimms
Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson
Luther Lawton
Luther Lawton
A shootout in the parking lot of Hammerheads leaves one man with life threatening injuries.
Evansville Police saw three males step out of an SUV near Fourth and Locust and walk towards the 20th block of S.E Third Street.
E.P.D says the men began firing shots towards the Hammerheads restaurant and shot Timothy Rice in the stomach.
The officers ordered the men to drop their guns, but the men began to flee from the scene.
Two of the suspects, Torrance Mimms and Tony Johnson got into the backseat of an SUV on Main Street that was later stopped on Walnut.
The third suspect, identified as Luther Lawton was apprehended near the area of S.E 2nd Street and Walnut.
It's alleged that all three men are part of the "Wag Block Gang" and that the shooting victim is part of rival gang "Savage Life".
Police found four tossed handguns and 22 shell casings in the area.
Mimms and Johnson are being charged attempted murder and criminal gang activity. 
Luther Lawton is charged with criminal gang activity.
All men are being held at the Vanderburgh County Jail without bond.
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