Same Old, Same Old at North Posey Despite "New" HC

The North Posey Vikings have a new head football coach since gas was at 29 cents a gallon. Paul Rynkiewich was Joe Gengelbach's Offensive Coordinator, now he has the reins.
    The North Posey Vikings have a new head football coach since gas was at 29 cents a gallon.  Paul Rynkiewich (Rink-a-vitch) was Joe Gengelbach's Offensive Coordinator now has the reins.
    "R-Y-N-K-I-E-W-I-C-H.... I think," says North Posey senior linebacker Darren O'Risky after a thought.  "I'm not really sure."
    His name may give you some pause, at least trying to spell it, but Paul Rynkiewich's track record at North Posey speaks for itself.
    "It's a little different [without Coach Gengelbach]," says the first-year head coach.  "But it's been a good experience. We're anxious to get on the field and play a game."
    "He knows the tradition, he's been here 30-something years," adds junior quarterback James Marshall.  "He knows the tradition, his coaching staff knows the tradition and the players have a taste of that tradition."
    This year the Vikings must replace 19 seniors, including star running back Wes Harness, and quarterback Alec Werry.  But plenty of the current roster saw action last year, after several games got out of hand.
    "Since we did get a lot of blowouts we got to get in in the fourth quarter and sometimes the third," says Marshall.  "So we've got a lot of experience on the field."
    "We lost a lot last year, there's no question about it," Rynkiewich says.  "Lost some really good linemen too. But we've got some boys ready to step up this year."
    Coach Rynk, as his players call him, and his staff hope that little bit of experience can lead to the same winning tradition on the field this year.
    The Vikings open their season with the traditional PAC showdown with South Spencer.  Kickoff in that game is set for 7:00.
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