Scooter Regulations Could Be Coming to Indiana

At the Indiana General Assembly Representative Milo Smith introduces a bill asking for scooter owners to register their vehicle with the BMV. However the bill does not require scooters owns to have a driver's license or insurance.
Mopeds serve an important purpose for some drivers who don't have licenses, but the complaints about mopeds have been growing just as fast as the moped's popularity.

State representative Milo Smith is trying to push through a bill that could make the relationship between motor vehicle and moped and little more friendly. "I've been introducing this bill for four years and I can't get people to support it." Representative Smith says this isn't the first time he's tried make a moped bill into a law, but he feels what's left off the bill might make it more likely to pass through the general assembly.The bill does not ask for moped drivers to have a license or insurance. "There's no chance, absolutely no chance in my opinion if we put in my bill that they had to get insurance and had to have a driver's license that the moped bill would pass."
Instead the bill requires moped owners to register the vehicle with the bureau of motor vehicles -- something law enforcement has wanted for a while. "That will cut down on a lot of the police work because there is some stealing of scooters." Marvin Powers says he has owned his scooter store for almost 10 years. He has seen rapid growth in the industry and also welcomes the new bill and its provisions. Such as, increasing the maximum speed on city streets to 35 miles per hour, and 45 miles per hour on county roads.  "That will stop a lot of controvery with people that drive automobiles and say they get stuck in traffic because of the slow scooters," said Powers.
Although the bill does not include requirements of a license and insurance many see it as a step in the right direction.

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