Senate Candidate Bevin Tours Tri-State for Votes

U.S. Senate candidate Matt Bevin was in the Tri-State meeting with voters Tuesday.
One of the most intense senate campaigns in the country is happening right here in the Tri-State. Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is facing opposition from Democrat Alison Grimes and in his own party, from primary challenger Matt Bevin.

"It's politics."

Some people run for their health.  But Matt Bevin's running for something else.

"I'm running because I see the path we are on as a nation is financially unsustainable," he says.

He's running against Senator Mitch McConnell

"I see that he is a man who is in collusion with large business at the expense of those of us in the real world," Bevin says of McConnell.

And against Democrat Alison Grimes for U.S. Senate.

"She doesn't hold the values that, we in Kentucky, hold," Bevin says.

Experts say the Kentucky Senate race could be one of the most closely watched, and most expensive campaigns this year. Bevin says he's running to make the country, and it's economy, more stable.

"We can't keep borrowing from our children and our grandchildren and expect this to last into perpetuity," Bevin adds. "It's not going to happen."

"We've got to have somebody in leadership that can show us the way," says Becky Englehart. For some Daviess County Republicans like her, this primary challenge is their chance to hear the issues. But it's a race they can't show too much support for one over the other.

"During a primary, we have to support both of the candidates that are running," says Englehart. "That's just in our by-laws, we have to do that. We can't show a lot of favoritism, but we support both of them as Republicans."

The run to the senate continues. But some hope this race's finish won't leave them feeling burned out.

"I'm sure both candidates are going to keep a clean campaign and go forward, and do what's best," Englehart adds.
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