Several Owensboro Road Projects Wrapping Up

Getting around Owensboro could get easier in the coming months as some projects will be done by the end of this year.
Getting around Owensboro will soon get easier. Several projects, including the new roundabout and the Blue Bridge re-painting, are either done or close to it. But there's still work to be done before winter arrives.

The signs of fall have been here for weeks. The signs of construction season in Owensboro have been here much longer.

"It's uncomfortable," says Gerald Wethington of Whitesville. "It's a drag."

But there are signs Owensboro area roads are opening up and clearing up. New ramps are open at the intersection of Highway 60 and 54 although more lane restrictions are in place.

"Much improved," Wethington says. "It moves traffic real good. You can go off, don't hold up, and keep going."

The roundabout at Kentucky 56 and 81 is open, and the Blue Bridge is scheduled to open up again in mid-November.

"It's got to be done," says Philip Willoughby of McLean County. "You got to do the maintenance on these bridges and highways or else it's just going to fall apart anyhow."

But other signs will be here for a while.  Transportation officials say the new stretch of Highway 60 east of Owensboro won't be ready until 2015.

"It's frustrating and aggravating for sure," Willoughby says. "But at least it's creating jobs. You got to put up with a little headache, but it's keeping people working and they're expanding and making things better for the future."

Kentucky Transportation officials say crews will be at both the new roundabout and ramps for up to until the end of the year even though both are open.
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