Sex Offender In Sturgis Youth Center

Sex Offender In Sturgis Youth Center
He's a registered sex offender in Illinois, but not in Kentucky. Phillip Edmondson, of Sturgis, makes his way into a youth center and faces new charges of sexually abusing yet another minor.

Officials say the youth center is not to blame, in fact it was their surveillance footage that captured the incident. How Phillip Edmondson is not registered in Kentucky remains a question, but he's no stranger to Kentucky law enforcement.

Phillip Edmondson of Sturgis, Kentucky is arrested by Union County Sheriff's Deputies, for sexually abusing a minor under twelve years old. The incident happened January 11th at the Sturgis Youth Center, but deputies say that's not the only charge Edmondson faces. "He is a registered sex offender in Illinois but not in Kentucky," says Union County Deputy Kyle Dame. Dame says when a sex offender moves into Kentucky, they're required to register for life, but his crimes occurred when he was visiting Illinois "I don't think it's any fault of the state police or probation parole. I believe its a lack of a good law."

Kentucky State Police say the law differs state to state, but in the end it was Edmondson who should have notified the the courts. This is Edmondson's first sexual charge in Kentucky, but not his first run in with the law. In 2001 he was charged with assault after allegedly throwing the former Sturgis mayor into a glass window, during a town hall meeting.

Fast forward thirteen years, officials say Edmondson entered the Sturgis Youth Center with his wife and their nephew the night of the incident. "He was accompanying another child there. He has no relationship to the youth center. He was simply a visitor. It's important for people to know that the youth center is doing everything they can to prevent things like this, and doing everything they possibly can to help us in our investigation," says Dame.

The Sturgis Youth Center tells Eyewitness News in a statement, Edmondson, 'is in no way associated with the Sturgis Youth Center. He was not working for our facility that night nor was he a volunteer.'

Deputy Dame says, "Sturgis is lucky to have it in their community."

The Sturgis Youth Center performs back ground checks on all employees, and continue to have a surveillance system monitor the entire facially. Edmondson's preliminary hearing is set for January 23rd.

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