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Shutdown Could Put Henderson Outreach Program at Risk

The Henderson Christian Church Outreach's Senior Commodity Day could be at risk because of the shutdown.
Hundreds of seniors could soon be without a critical service. The Henderson Christian Community Outreach feeds more than 300 senior citizens every month as part of their 'Commodities Day.' Leaders there tell us the government shutdown could take away their ability to deliver that food.

It's a scary time for Henderson Christian Community Outreach's Senior Commodity Day. That's because the government shutdown could play a mean trick, and take away their treats.

"It'd hurt a lot of people if it did," says Brenda George of Henderson.

That's because the Senior Commodity Day is a federal program.  Outreach Executive Director Mary Dunham says deliveries to fill food boxes could be delayed because of the shutdown.

"We have to rely on a truck driver bringing a food truck on the Tuesday before Senior Commodity Day," she says. "Of course, if they put that on hold, we won't know our food delivery on the Tuesday before our giveaway day."

They had enough for this month. But next month...

"We may have 317 senior citizens that won't be able to come here and get a box of food to hold them over," Dunham warns.

That means one less option for seniors like George.

"When my utility bill gets real, real high, I have limited funds for food," she says. "This is the program I usually sign up for."

She says the thought of having too little food scares her.

"If it's discontinued, I'd be in a hurt position," says Brenda.

"It's very scary," Dunham adds. "It's very sad."

Seniors like George hope the shutdown ends before their worst fear comes to life.

Dunham says their regular food pantry won't be affected by the shutdown since most of that food's donated from churches and area stores.
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