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Some Light Bulb Production to Stop Jan. 1

Manufacturers to stop making 60 and 40 watt bulbs no New Year's Day.
A household fixture is going dark soon. Starting New Year's Day, light bulb manufacturers will stop making 60 and 45 watt incandescent bulbs.

These light bulbs have been lighting homes for years. But soon, they'll be burned out.

60 and 40 watt bulbs will go the way of the 100 and 75 watt ones. Manufacturers won't make them anymore because of federal energy standards started in 2008.

"We stopped using those a while ago," says Rob Oatess of Evansville.

But Does Everyone Know? A Sylvania study showed only 40% of customers knew about the stoppage. Some shoppers say they've already moved on to more energy efficient lights.

"More recently, they've made them much better, so they come on quicker, and they have the same kind of temperatures as the soft white bulbs."

"You can have a light bulb now that is 9 to 13 watts of energy that gets you the same lighting result," says Jason Hagan of Home Depot. He says sales of energy efficient bulbs have gone up. Like changing a light, the cut off is needed, but one some aren't looking forward to.

"Some people use a 100 watt bulb for the heat they actually produce for different things. I've heard complaints on that."

There'll still be light. But what you use to light your home will be different.

Home Depot Managers add Energizing Indiana is helping subsidize the cost of some CFL and LED bulbs.

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