Sturgis Residents Coping with Boil Water Advisory

The town's been under an advisory since Monday night after a water main broke.
Nearly 2,000 people in Union County, Kentucky are under a boil water advisory because of a water main break. It's the second community having to take extra precautions tonight.

They say water is the source of life. But in Sturgis, it's the source of problems and inconveniences.

"It's kind of tough up here."

That's because a water main broke on 13th Street last night, leading town officials to issue a system wide advisory, leading residents to boil their water, and making them feel a little unlucky.

"Our city's a small city and I'm sure a lot of infrastructure's getting old," says Charlie Davis of Sturgis. "I think they're doing all they can do."

"That line split and there were three different breaks in that same area," says Sturgis Mayor Thomas Holt. "We lost considerable amounts of water. Certain areas of the system went completely dry."

Places like the Sturgis Community Rest Home took their own precautions by helping their more than twenty residents find new sources of water.

"We have to make sure the residents don't drink anything out of the tap. We keep bottled water here and boiled water constantly. We don't use our dishwasher," says Jodey Willett of the Rest Home. "They'll ask for bottled water. We keep that on hand at all times so they know to ask for that if they want something to drink."

Holt says the advisory could be lifted as soon as tomorrow morning.
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