Target Shoppers Unfazed by Growing Security Breach Numbers

More than 100-million Target customers have had their personal information stolen, that number up from 40-million originally reported during the holiday season. The number has climbed substantially, but even so, Target shoppers in the Tri-state don't seem to mind.
Shopping carts are rolling, the parking lot is full, and Target customers on the east side of Evansville seem to be very understanding of the retailer's recent problems with credit card security. "Could've been Wal-Mart, it could've been Best Buy, it could've been anybody," said Target shopper John Kuhn.
"It wouldn't have kept me out of Target, but I totally forgot about it." Sandra Williams says she hasn't been to target in over a year and completely forgot there even was a security breach. She says she used her card today and isn't too concerned with her information being hacked. "Eh, maybe a little bit, but not a lot because I'm probably like everybody else and think it probably won't happen to me."
When the credit card information was originally hacked Target said 40-million customers were affected, but that number has ballooned to 110-million. Kuhn says he used his card in the time frame when the hackers were collecting personal information. "I've been monitoring my account activity online and I haven't detected anything yet." He says his bank also monitors his account for fraudulent activity, so he feels safe shopping at Target. "This is just part of the modern life now."
Target is offering a year's worth of free credit monitoring and identity theft protection to customer's affected by fraudulent charges stemming from the breach. But Kuhn says he accepts the risk of using a card as opposed to the safety of cash. "It's sort of like terrorism. You just have to keep living your life. I'm not going to go back to carrying a checkbook around and carrying $200 in cash everywhere I go. I'm passed that."
Not all 110-million customers had their credit card information hacked, some customers only had their name, address, or phone number compromised.

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