The Cold is Gone, but the Cost Lingers

Water main line breaks, bursting pipes, and pot holes are just a handful of problems still happening across the Tri-State. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says any funds not used on treating the roads, could be used for paving in the summer.
Sub-zero temperatures seemed to have left the Tri-State for this winter, but costly repairs associated with winter weather remain.
Dozens of water main breaks have plagued the city over the past couple weeks. The water department says employees are working overtime, the breaks require extra equipment, and contractors have been hired to help with repairs. All of which come with a price tag, but just how much won't be known until the end of the month.
The winter weather has proven to be costly for other agencies including the EVSC. The below zero temperatures caused pipes to burst in several EVSC schools, the most severe at North High School. The EVSC says it paid the insurance comapny a $50,000 deductible to cover repairs.
The Evansville City Garage has been busy this winter, but Superintendent Dennis Hudnall says the ice and snow have not been the problem, but the freezing temperatures have been cracking the pavement. "There's a lot more potholes, they're coming quicker, they develop quicker. You could drive over the road today, there wouldn't be a pothole, you could drive over tomorrow there would be a pothole."
The winter weather has also been costing south of the Ohio River. "The less money that we spend on snow and ice response, the more money we have to spend on asphalt in the summer months." Keith Todd with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says right now a ton of salt costs the same amount as a ton of asphalt. And while keeping the roads clear is a top priority, the money used on salt, could be used to pave roads in the summer months. Todd says there is money in the budget for paving roads in the summer, but any money left over from the winter helps that much more. And he says it's too early to tell if the cabinet will be under or over budget for the winter season.
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