This is No Kind of Weather for Working Outdoors

With below zero temperatures water lines have been breaking across Vanderbugh County. The crews working to repair the lines are subjected to frigid conditions. They say the only way to get through it is to keep moving.
On a day when it's so cold steam is rolling off the Ohio River, Chris Walsh and his crew is bearing the frigid temperature repairing a water line break. "It's almost indescribable. It just gets into your bones it's so cold," said Walsh.
Walsh says in his line of work he's used to working outdoors. "It's tough in the summer time, but that's nothing like the cold. The cold is just something all to itself." A couple of days ago it was a mild 45 degrees, but Walsh waas already preapring for today's work. "Make sure that my long underwear is in the closet and ready to go."
With the extreme swing in temperature water lines have been breaking all over the city, making it tough for Walsh and his crew to keep up. "We've been going since early last evening. Some of these guys here have been working 16 hours so far."
It's not only difficult on the crew, but also the equipment. When filling in the repaired water line the tailgate on the gravel truck froze shut. "It's just miserable conditions being down in the hole. They're usually about six feet or more deep, but it's difficult on these guys." In normal weather conditions the water spewing from the break just runs in a nearby sewer, but when it's below zero there's a little more to clean up. "Homeowner's driveway has ice all over it and that's from this water leak. I'm going to come back here in just a little while and we're going to salt down her driveway real good."
Walsh says the best strategy for getting through the cold is to keep moving.

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