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Tradition To Battle It Out Then Shake It Out Continues

Tradition To Battle It Out Then Shake It Out Continues

Battling it out, then shaking it out is here to stay even after the KHSAA nearly banned the post game handshake. Henderson County and Daviess County High Schools face off, and when the horn sounds, both teams say they'll line up and shake hands. The KHSAA wanted to decrease the amount of violence after more than two dozen altercations between athletes during the handshake line over the last few years, but many say it's a tradition, a way to show sportsmanship, and it's here to stay.

It's a tradition, a post game ritual, the simple handshake, but lately this act of sportsmanship is gaining a lot of attention. Earlier this week the KHSAA called for an end to the post game handshake, only to go back on their word asking coaches and administrators to better monitor the ritual. Either way almost losing the handshake is shaking things up. "I feel like there are some people who may have caused the problem, but I don't think you should have a blanket rule over everybody," says Addie Farley.

The Henderson County High School Volleyball player says, it's a way to build a relationships with other teams. "I think it shows you that you might of have a bad game, or they may have had a bad game, or they might have done something to you, but you can come back at the end and say you played really great even though something happened. It shows respect, I think even more than anything. It shows that you are respectful to the other team."

Fans agree saying seeing their players shaking the hands of their opponents is a proud moment when the game is over win or lose. Teresa Wilson says taking it away is not the answer. "I think it puts a different spin on things. It tells kids that you can do whatever you want during the course of the game." As Henderson County faces off against Daviess County High School, head coach, Tony Lewis, says sportsmanship will continue under the Friday night lights. "We are going to continue to shake hands until we are told not to," says Lewis. "It's a forty eight minute game, it's a hard fought game, and you need to show the other side the respect that they showed you," says Lewis.

Coach Lewis says it's a life lesson you will carry off the field. "There's going to be times in your life that things aren't going to go well, but you are going to have to suck it up and understand that you have to shake somebody's hand and everything is going to work out."

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