Tragic Accident Claims Daviess County Teen's Life

Tragic Accident Claims Daviess County Teen's Life

"It shows you how precious life is, and how quick it can be taken away from you," says Daviess County Deputy Sheriff J.R. Crew. Friends and family mourn the loss of eighteen year old, Brandon Wagler, of Loogoote, after an accident claims his life. Authorities say Wagler was on his way to church, when his car hydroplaned and ran off the road into a tree along County Road 1200 East. Wagler died on the scene of massive chest and head injuries.

Daviess County Deputy Sheriff J.R. Crew says the loss of this young man hits home, not just on the community, but to the department as well. Now, they mourn the loss of the former star athlete and valedictorian. In his twenty-years on the department, Crew says it's one of the worst accidents he has ever seen. "He left the roadway, he was unable to correct the vehicle, and he struck a tree head on," says Crew. On his way to church eighteen year old, Brandon Wagler, decided to pass a car in front of him. His car began to hydroplane, when he lost control wrecking into a tree. "They were within a mile or two of their home, which makes it poorer on the family. It's going to be rough to live with."

Wagler's twelve year old brother was also in the car during the accident, but he walked away with only minor injuries. "He was able to  get out of the car on his own." Crew says it's not just an accident to the department, this one hits home. "It's almost like your own son or daughter you lose." Brandon Wagler graduated from Barr-Reeve High School, and just started classes at USI this fall. "He graduated in May. He was one of the three Valedictorians, stand out basketball player on the basketball team, and baseball teams. He was very close to everyone."

Crew says this weekend marks a year since another teen in the county, a cheerleader, lost her life in nearly the same way. "Teenagers across the country, not just here in Daviess County, have lost their lives because they are just in a little bit of a hurry. If they would just slow down. Life is precious. It can take a second and be gone." Now, the ruts remain in the road, and a tree marks the spot where the young man lost his life. "This community will gather around. They will support the Waglers, and will move on. We will help as best we can. That's what is great about Daviess County," says Crew.



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