Tri-State Catholics React to Pope Francis as Person of the Year

Many Catholics are pleased with the selection of the Vatican leader as Time's Person of the Year.
It's gone to presidents, peacemakers, and protestors. But this year, Time Magazine's Person of the Year is the Pope. Pope Francis becomes the third Vatican leader to win the honor since1927.

"The rewards, they come to those who's blessed with them."

Person of the Year is a reward given to one, but this year, it's shared by billions.

"I was very excited," says Kristin Tichenor of Owensboro. She thinks that reward, given this year to Pope Francis, is deserving. Tichenor adds he's earned it because of his actions and abilities.

"I think, mostly, I've seen it through social media, he's kinda stirred some pots that needed to be stirred, as far as reaching out to the young people, old people, the people that have been forgotten," she says.

"I definitely don't think he would put himself on that ballot," says Drew Hardesty. He says Pope Francis is a lot of things: humble, and a man of firsts.

"He's the first pope from the Southern Hemisphere. He's the first Jesuit Pope," he says. Hardesty adds the new title is more than for celebration, it can be for inspiration for others.

"They get a sense of what kind of man he is and, maybe, some Catholics that have been disgruntled with the church and how it's been run lately, perhaps they get a new light in Pope Francis," Hardesty says.

"I hope he can use the prestige to help spread the gospel and show that his hard work is being rewarded," says Marty Boehman.

The last pope to be named Person of the Year was Pope John Paul II in 1994. Pope John XXIII became the first church leader to get the honor in 1962.
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