Tri-State Remembers JFK's Legacy

People across the Tri-State remember how Kennedy's legacy inspired them.
President Kennedy's death made an impact on the nation. But his legacy has left an impact on Tri-Staters who remember when it happened.

"He fought for a better way of life."

Mary Susan Huff never met President Kennedy. But to her and her parents, he was like family.

"He just brought a whole different life to the White House and the presidency that, they, in their lifetime, they haven't seen or experienced," Huff says.

Her family was hundreds of miles from Dallas, but Kennedy's death made them feel like they lost someone close to them.

"Mother was at the ironing board, I was sitting in a chair, and my father was standing there in his uniform, and we were all three crying," she recalls.

After that day, came the uncertainty.

"I remember sitting in the classroom, being terrified that the Russians were coming to get us," she says.

But after the uncertainty left, inspiration arrived.

"I was older and could really identify with what his brother started," Huff adds.

She was inspired by Kennedy's message of helping the poor and disadvantaged. A message started by John, carried by his brothers, led her to become a crime victim advocate.

"He and his brother, both of his brothers, Bobby and Senator Ted Kennedy, that they dedicated their lives to making lives better for disadvantaged people," Mary Susan says.

Five decades have passed since Kennedy's death. But Huff thinks the message he left behind will last for decades more.

"I don't think we'll ever, as a nation, as a massive group of people, will ever idealize anyone again like he was."

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