Tri-Staters Still Cleaning Up From Tornadoes

It could be weeks, or even months, before some Tri-Staters are able to finally put Sunday's tornadoes behind them.
The tornadoes are gone, but the damage remains. The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado hit near the town of White Plains late Sunday afternoon.

"I have no idea how long it's going to take. One day at a time," says Rita Duncan of White Plains.

Day by day they clean up, clean up from the tornado that damaged parts of Hopkins and Muhlenberg Counties Sunday, leaving some cleaning and others looking for new homes. For storm victims, the sooner, the better.

"We knew a storm was coming our way," says Katie Williams. She also knew she'd need some help.

"Second day is let's get the efforts going. let's get them rolling and see what we can do, get us back in," she says.

"This job here, we hope to have the roof done tomorrow," says Nick Nicholson of Nick's Home Repair. "Then, we start the interior remodeling once the roof's done. Most are 2-3 days,the bigger ones, a couple of weeks."

Williams says it could be a few weeks before she can get back home and her daily routine. While most debris goes to the landfill, she says some of it is still useful.

"We're going to use some of ours for wildlife habitat. We're gonna make some different brush piles on the farm," Williams says. "Not sure what we'll do with the root balls yet."

"Everybody likes to be home for Christmas," says Pastor John Shoulta of Mount Carmel Cumberland Presbyterian Church. But for him, time is his enemy, especially with the holidays approaching. He says the storm's keeping him and his congregation out of their home of worship for months.

"I feel like we won't be back in the building before the first of the year, at least the sanctuary part, because we're going to have to take the pews out, replace the carpet," he says. "We're got hit with a lot of glass in there."

As for the cost, Nicholson says without home insurance, storm damage can cost a homeowner tens of thousands of dollars.
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