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Tristate Crews Battle 'Overwhelming' Slide Offs

Tristate Crews Battle 'Overwhelming' Slide Offs
Several of the Tristate's major roadways are starting to look clear of snow and ice, but law enforcement and highway officials say it's still best to stay inside. After officials around the Tristate responded to 'overwhelming' amounts of slide off calls, they continue to urge drivers to stay off the roads.

The pavement on some Tristate roads is starting to peek through after layers of ice and snow buried them. "The difference between last night and this morning was literally, and figuratively, night and day," says Patrick Seib, Superintendent of the Vanderburgh County Highway Department.

Snow plows, salt, and the sun coming out have all helped relieve the hazardous road conditions. While things are starting to look much better, crews are gearing up for what the night may bring. "Tonight, we are going to kind of be on a wait and see. We're going to do as much as we can," says Seib.

The Vanderburgh County Highway Department says around thirteen trucks are continuing to work the streets today. "This has been a pretty big storm, we got walled pretty hard. The only thing I would ask is, that people gives us a little bit of understanding. We will get out to your road eventually, but give us time and be patient."

Overcome by cabin fever, some Tristate drivers decided to brave the roadways. "It's been rather busy and long" says Terry Hailman, manager of Tristate Towing. He says they've had their work cut out for them. Conditions had more drivers in the snow than on the road.

"What little treatment they did put on yesterday, it froze last night and made it bad today," says Hailman.

Run off, after run off, after run off, the towing company says they've responded to more than seventy runs, and that number continues to climb. From Interstate 64, to Highway 41 in Evansville, and spilling over onto the Henderson strip, vehicles attempted, but often did not succeed. "Once the sun goes down it's going to start freezing. It's going to look like wet pavement, but it's not, it's going to be ice."

On Sunday it could be more bad news for drivers as round two of this winter storm is expected to hit.

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