Turnout Expected to be Low for Special Election

Timing and weather are two factors for expected low turnout, but voters still determined to vote in race for 7th House District.
'Tis the season for a special election. Kentucky voters will decide who will represent the 7th House District in the General Assembly.

Republican Suzanne Miles and Democrat Kim Humphrey are running to replace former Representative John Arnold. He resigned in September after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced. But election officials say voter turnout is rather low.

When you think December, you think Christmas and snow. Politics? Not so much.

"I believe this is the first time I voted in December," says Paul Halloway of Owensboro. Some voters didn't think of missing out on this opportunity.

"A lot of people say, 'Oh, my vote's not going to count.' Sometimes, by one vote, your person can get in or not get in," says Betsy Sumner.

But not many are expected to decide between Miles and Humphrey. Daviess County Clerk David "Oz" Osborne says he expects turnout to be lower than 20%. The reasons: the timing of the election, and the weather.

"It's an odd time. It takes a little extra effort to get out in December to vote. You've got one election and one only. So, you pretty well have to have your mind made up on who you're going to vote," says Larry Swift of Owensboro.

Despite the snow and the scheduling, these voters say this election is still important enough for their action..

"We need to democratically elect our leaders, and quite frankly, if we don't vote, then we have no right to criticize whoever IS up for election and whoever Is elected," Swift adds.

Osborne says his office advised voters whose precinct is at a school not to vote when students are being picked up or dropped off.
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