Two Rescued From Muhlenberg County Wreck

Rescuers pull two people out of a burning car Tuesday night.

Two people are injured after a fiery crash last night in Muhlenberg County.  It happened just outside the town of Dunmor.  And if it weren't for some first responders, it could have been much worse.

Sometimes, there's not much to see on Kentucky 973. But Denny Blythe saw something he didn't want to see.

"There was one or two guys in the area, and they were hollering, 'There are people in there,’" Blythe says.

The two, identified by deputies as Levahn and Raymond Ferre of Belton, were trapped inside a burning car that overturned west of Dunmor.  Blythe helped get the woman out.

"As I was dragging her away, she kept saying, 'Get my husband out of there!'" he says. Getting her husband, who was still buckled inside, wasn't easy.

"The first thing I thought was I need to get the smoke out of there. So, I busted the driver side window because I could see flames coming up on the inside of that window right at his shoulder and head," says Blythe. "What actually was holding him in the vehicle was the dog house and the door got hot, all the plastic had melted, and it was holding his feet to the floorboard."

Others started pouring water while crews raced to the scene.

"By the time the fire department got there, we had the fire 90% out," he says.

Despite the two reportedly suffering burns and broken limbs, Blythe says he's thankful for deputies and firefighters, thankful others were there at the right time.

"I would say if they were there probably 5 minutes or so without anybody there, they may not be with us today," Denny says.

And he'll be thankful if he doesn't have to see accident's like last nights happen again.

"The good lord was looking all over us."

Both crash victims were taken to Vanderbilt Hospital for their injuries. 

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