U of L President Visits Union, Hancock County Students

Dr. James Ramsey made stops in the Tri-State, encouraging students to go to college.
The University of Louisville's president wants more students in western Kentucky to go to college, but he knows paying for it is still a big challenge. Doctor James Ramsey shared his message at several schools today. President Ramsey was in Union and Hancock County High Schools, convincing students to get their degree. Next year, he plans to convince the state to help control costs.

"You have to have a degree to get a good job," says Taner Fowler, a senior at U of L. "So, for me, going to college is pretty much everything."

It's the little things that drove her to attend the University of Louisville.

"What kept me there was just the atmosphere. You're in a big city, but you feel like you're at home."

She came back to Union County High School, her alma mater, to convince students to go to U of L. But enjoying the little things comes at a big cost for future students.

"We really believe it's more critical than ever for people to continue their education."

U of L President Doctor James Ramsey says Kentucky colleges plan to ask the general assembly for an increase in state funding. He says universities haven't had an increase since 2006. But he says it might be a tough sell.

"We still got problems with the pension programs with the state, medicaid's growing," he says. "There's a lot of competition for state dollars with very modest revenue growth."

But Ramsey says the university still has programs to help students keep enjoying the little things college has to offer.

"We have a need based program. We have a program we're very proud of, our Cardinal Covenant program, that provides tuition, room and board for students whose family's income is less than 150%," he says.

Ramsey says state educators will meet next month to determine how much of an increase to ask for.
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