USI Faculty Senate Joins Opposition to Gay Marriage Ban

A majority votes for a statement voicing their opposition to the proposed ban the Indiana General Assembly will consider next year.

Another Indiana college announces its opposition to a proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage.  The USI Faculty Senate approved a statement that formally opposes HJR 6.

In life, we all make statements, whether by actions, or through words. The USI Faculty Senate is acting with words. A majority of the senate voted for a statement opposing the proposed gay marriage ban the General Assembly will discuss next year. Another statement offering no formal stance was also considered.

"This is a policy that is going to affect our ability to recruit and attain faculty and staff in the sense that it makes sense for the faculty senate to speak out on," says Senate member Garret Merriam.

But senate member Jason Fertig says he worries about where this action could take them.

"I worry that we're going down a slippery slope where now the faculty senate will now become the political action committee of the university, and we're going to be asked to comment on candidates and other bills, and that's not the role," he says.

USI becomes the latest university to oppose the proposed ban. But some students say this statement is one that should've been done sooner.

"I'm glad they're taking their time, and thinking about all of the pros and cons, but at the same time, I wish they would've joined the list a long time ago,” says USI Senior Alex Kessler. “Because there's nothing to really think about." 

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